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Proud Recipients of the following awards!



“Thank you so much for the GORGEOUS wedding video! We just loved watching it the other night and were so impressed and so happy with the results. It was really emotional to watch it all and be able to take it in, when the actual day seemed like a blur! We would recommend you highly to anyone who is looking for a wedding video. We cannot say enough nice things!!”

Thanks so much, Jackie and Jason

“Tom, Nick and I just received our wedding DVD... words cannot begin to describe how amazing the video is. The pieces that you chose and the music you selected were perfect; I could't have chosen them better myself. It's as if you've known us for a long time. Deciding to get a DVD was one of the best choices I made. Nothing beats seeing everything live. From the beginning you have been professional, easy to talk to and always quick to respond to any question that I've had. You do your job so well that I honestly forgot you were at the wedding. I wish the words "Thank You" were enough to express my gratitude. You created a DVD full of special memories that will be treasured for a lifetime!”

Sincerely, Nicole and Nick Giotas


"We can not thank you enough for the excellent job done on our son, Paul & his bride, Jaclyn's wedding video. I cried like a baby when I was watching the 3 minute clip....the beginning alone, with hearing the pastors voice and seeing the outside of the church and the way you arranged the photos with the music....you could be a movie director...seriously. You and your partner have a way with your videos that I have never seen before. This is certainly a prime example of "you get what you pay for"!! Some people thought we were crazy to spend that much money, but we told the kids, "why would you want a sub par video of the most important day of your lives, because it cost a little less"???? There are so many other ways to save money on your wedding day, your photos and video are not the way to cut corners! You are well worth the extra money we paid to have this once in a lifetime day recorded for future generations to enjoy."

With great appreciation, Patti & Paul Kelley

"There are no words to explain how special this wedding film is to us. You captured the very best moments and put them together into a film that is so beautiful, so moving, so.... perfect. We don't know how to thank you enough. As you know, we were unsure on whether we needed a video of our wedding day. After viewing Liz's though, and seeing the amazing job you guys do, well it no longer seemed like something we'd keep stuffed in the media cabinet - never to watch. Instead it seemed like the very best way to capture the day and something we'd turn to again and again. Let me tell you, this film you put together is something we will always, always treasure. From the moments you chose to highlight, the music to accompany and the snippets of the speeches.... you got it all right. I can't get over the little things that we'd never even notice let alone remember that you guys captured on film.... the little intakes of breath, the glances we gave to each other during the ceremony, Alex rubbing my hand during the Bishop's speech. These are things that make the wedding day so special. These are the things we'll always want to remember. The things to share with our kids. We seriously cannot thank you enough. I no longer have the same attitude towards wedding films - I think they are an absolute must and I'm going to go back to what Tom said in our first meeting. Choosing a videographer who you feel comfortable with, people with talent, who enjoy what they do and what it means to you, spending the extra money to get the high quality film and sound- Those decisions are the separation between a DVD that sits unopened and fast-forwarded through, and a DVD that is a family heirloom- a keepsake - shared with everyone and watched time and time again. Thank you for showing us how important this decision is. We will be sure to recommend you to each and every one of our friends (Although I don't think we will even have to do anything there, since after they see the video you created... they'll know you're the very best."

Lindsay & Alex

“Tom, from the very start, you made us feel comfortable. You have a pleasant and easy-going manner that made it so easy to work with you on every aspect of this production. The real jaw-dropper came when we sat down to view our video. This is where it was obvious to us the high level of talent, creativity and professionalism we had working for us! You did so much more than merely document an event. You somehow managed to capture our personalities and the very spirit of the day. You seemed to intuitively know precisely what we were looking for - the mood we were trying to evoke. We've shown our video to many friends and family. The response is always the same; "impressed" is very much an understatement. - "overwhelmed" and "completely blown away" are far more accurate descriptions. Unlike many wedding videos which get tucked away somewhere, never to be viewed again, we've watched ours many times and we get choked up every single time! To be perfectly honest, at first we thought you were expensive. We didn't know if we could or should spend what we did on this part of our wedding. That was before we saw our video. We had a good idea of what we were looking for. You delivered not only what we wanted, but so much more. You far exceeded our expectations. The money spent on our video was by far the best spent of all. It is without question the best remnant of that special day. Please feel free to show this letter of praise to others you're about to "Wow" or to use us as a reference.”

In appreciation, Tony & Kim Corrozza


“I just wanted to let you know that we sent the web link of

our wedding highlights clip to our relatives and everyone RAVED about how good the video was. More than once I heard people say “I don’t care how much you paid for that video, it was worth every penny!!!”. Wow that’s not something you hear every day!! We were able to show part of the video to relatives on Christmas Day and got similar reactions. I’m so glad I asked Tom Gibbons to recommend a videographer. Thank you again for being a part of our day.”

Carrie & John Duval


“Once again, we must thank you for your superb talent and the professional work that you shared with us to capture our daughter Susanne's wedding day. We watched the DVD (several times) this past weekend. The only negative part was the difficulty I was having seeing through my tears!! You certainly captured the feelings and love that was very evident that day. We especially loved your artistic flair with the Amherst Village scene. Absolutely spectacular!!! You were everything that you said you would be . . .and more. The wedding highlights at the close of the DVD were a very emotional and appropriate way to finish off this memorable day. I have since shared your name and talents with other potential brides. I hope that our paths will cross again. Thank you for helping to make our daughter's wedding day such a special one for us all.”

George & Maria Lemelin


“I just have to say what an INCREDIBLE masterpiece you've created!! It was much more than I expected! The ending is just beautiful- thank you so very much. I will promote your business to anyone who will listen! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Denissa & Mike Grace


“Tom, you did such a wonderful job on our wedding video. Some parts of the day were a blur to us but you captured every moment and we didn’t even know you were there. I can’t believe we almost decided not to have a video. What a mistake that would have been! Our video is one of our most cherished keepsakes of the entire wedding day. We will certainly recommend you to any of our family and friends that are looking to capture a Precious Moment.”

Lucia & Jason


“Not all couples are fortunate enough to have their day recorded on video. We were. We researched videographers' quite thoroughly. When we meet you we were still undereducated about the whole video process. You enlightened us on a few tricks of the trade and therefore we were able to recognize the significant differences between videographers, their work and costs involved. We can't thank you enough for helping us especially after seeing the finished product! You were extremely professional and courteous. We know for certain we made the right decision when we selected you!”

Meredith & Stephen Ball


“Tom, you did an awesome job! We would highly recommend you to anyone. I can't even tell you how many times we have watched our video. All of our family and friends rave about it. Dave's sister wishes she had you do her wedding video because her video does not compare to the fantastic job you did. If you ever need someone to recommend you feel free to use us as a reference!”

Dave & Erin McGill


“Peter and I really enjoyed watching our video the other night. We are very pleased!! We are looking forward to sharing the video with our family over the holidays. I myself loved the thank you CD. I think you were very creative in how you edited each piece in to make a really nice summary of our day - I wouldn't make a change. In fact if there was a change to make I don't even know how I could suggest something - I am not nearly as creative as you. Thanks for all you help and hard work. I look forward to receiving our Thank you CDs in the mail. I will pass you name along to other brides in the future. ”

Lisa & Peter Moorman


Thank you for showing us what a wonderful keepsake a professionally produced video can be. I can't believe we almost decided not to have a professional video. I can't thank you enough for all the wonderful moments you captured.”

Lorene & Donald


“Tom, thank you so much! We love our wedding video. You did a beautiful job. I am so grateful that Sky Meadow Country Club recommended you to me. Your work is superb and you are very professional, as well as a very nice person. Thanks again!”

Joyce & Dana Cahill


“Tom, I wanted to thank you for everything that you have done for our wedding. You managed to capture every precious detail and I could not imagine having any one else videotape one of the most special days of our lives. I have received many compliments from my family and friends that have watched the video and I can't even begin to thank you for the incredible service that you provided. I am sure you get many compliments on the work that you do, but I want you to know that Shaun and I truly appreciate what you've done for us, not only on the video but for providing us with the highest level of customer service possible. We feel that we chose the best of the best when we chose you. Thank you again for all of your hard work and dedication”

Marta & Shaun Doran


Photo Courtesy of Dan Doke

"We received our wedding video and couldn't be more pleased with it!! I had butterflies watching it as we relived that day again.  You truly did an amazing job! The level of professionalism in your work is incredible and we're so glad we chose you to film our big day.  This is something we will truly treasure...."

Nicole & Charlie Ardell