Do You Know The Two Most Common Wedding Day Regrets?

You spend months or even years planning the perfect wedding day, so the last thing you want to experience is wedding day regrets. Here are the two biggest wedding day regrets as reported on by The Huffington Post.

The #1 Wedding Day Regret!

Having a few minor wedding day regrets is relatively common and no big deal. Afterall, your spending months or even years planning for your big day, that there are bound to be a few things you would have probably done differently. However, avoiding the #1 wedding day regret is easy. The #1 wedding day regret I am referring to was reported on by WEVA international and the Huffington Post. What is the #1 Wedding Day Regret?

Wedding Videography

Not having a wedding video to relive the day!

Most Couples budget for Photography but not Videography. In fact, after the wedding, 98% of couples that decide to forgo a wedding video regretted it. It’s a little Ironic that before the wedding day, these same couples felt that a wedding video was not important to them at all.

If you’re not sure if a video is important to you, ask yourself the following question. If you had a chance to relive your parent’s wedding day through a video or photo album, but you could only choose one to do so, which one would you choose? The answer may surprise you!

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The Thing Brides Regret Not Spending More Money On!

Now I am sure this regret is going to surprise most couples. But a wedding survey conducted by Zola and reported on by the Huffington Post revealed that nearly one-third of recently married couples wished the had spent more money on one thing: a wedding film!

35% of all couples say if they could do one thing over again they would have spent more money on their wedding film!

So there you have it. The two biggest wedding day regrets. If you are interested in avoiding these two regrets, we are here to help. Feel free to explore our website to learn more about how we can help you avoid the two biggest wedding day regrets!

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